Flyers, Posters, and Marketing Materials

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designs starting at $20

Starting at $20, get a logo, flyer, poster, postcard, or any other type of marketing material. Black Bear Cat Press provides high-quality, culturally-competent marketing materials to make your brand shine above the competition. 

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What details are needed to create these?

-For logos, colors, images, and icons you like

-For flyers, posters, and marketing materials, event details (event title, date, time, location, type of event)

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How does Black Bear Cat Press create culturally-competent marketing materials?

The graphic artist and the client works together on what the client wants in terms of marketing material type, audience, and feeling. From there, the graphic artist researches relevant information on elements in the design. For example, if the flyer is to incorporate Native American elements, the graphic artist will find information on the specific tribe being shown and what each motif (i.e. symbols, tattoos, clothing) means to that tribe. Once the graphic artist comes up with a design and has it approved by the client, the artist will fine-tune any details.

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