The Black Cat Who Inspired Black Bear Cat Press

The Black Cat Who Inspired Black Bear Cat Press

Black Bear Cat Press was inspired by a British Bombay cat found by the editor in Okinawa, Japan. One night after an after party with his English teachers, the editor came across a stray, two-month-old black kitten. He picked her up and decided to adopt Ninja.

 She was a cute bundle of blackness with a strong personality. She really was a ninja, jumping off walls and playing with her toys for hours. Because of her boundless energy, she immediately began training in the same fashion as a dog. Ninja earned her middle name, "Bear", because of when she stood on her hind legs to fetch a treat. She looked similar to a standing black bear.

As Ninja grew bigger and she acclimated to her forever home, the couple planned on taking her back to the United States. 

Ninja grew to learn several tricks including sitting on command, shaking hands, high-five, jumping on command, and picking which hand had the treat. Her energetic and somewhat mischievous nature brought the couple closer together, later inspiring the name, Black Bear Cat Press.

You can see some of her personality below: