We won't let art and design torture you!
We won't let art and design torture you!
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Past Projects in Marketing (and the Process of Creating Marketing Materials)


 Creating marketing materials may seem an easy process for those who only see flyers, but it takes more than Adobe skills to make an effective and culturally-competent marketing materials.


The first step in making any marketing material is identifying the audience. Is the marketing material for high school students? Are these flyers for black or Latinx college students? By identifying the audience, the marketing material will be geared to specifically appealing to that audience.

After identifying the audience, deciding on the feeling and picking images and color palettes help to choose the direction of the marketing material.  For culturally-competent marketing materials, doing research and applying that research to the marketing material will help make a flyer, postcard, or even a business card more appealing to the target audience. Also, it will keep any embarrassment at bay. For example, I read about Native Hawai'ian and Pacific Islander symbols to avoid stereotypical images and create unique flyers for the community event. In some cases, a planning committee or the client may contest the use of certain symbols or images. Understand the history and why that symbol or image is important can create a meaningful dialogue in the future of the design.

Below is an image of the Pilipinx American Heritage Month flyer from October 2017. This was MiraCosta College's first Filipino/a-related event. Because the use of the Filipino/a flag had seven ray points, the planning committee discussed the importance of halfing the iconic symbol to reinforce how little visibility of Filipino/a campus community and programming existed on campus. When the question came up, the planning committee and the designer could speak on it with historical relations.

MiraCosta College Pilipinx American Heritage Month

From the audience, feeling, and research for the marketing materials, a designer's progress may differ from other designers. In my case, I sometimes sketch the requested flyer and use Adobe InDesign to create a digital version of the flyer. After there is an initial design, the client receives the draft of the flyer until the final version is approved. It's sent to the printers afterwards.

Here are some other flyers from past projects:

Latinx and Chicanx Heritage Month

Quest for Success Booklet Cover