Culture and Community Lives Here

Black Bear Cat Press culture

Black Bear Cat Press wants to help communities!

Black Bear Cat Press uses history and culture in designs to show these histories and cultures to the world. It's fun (at least to us) to research motifs, read books, and create these designs.

We also think that connecting with others is fun, especially connecting the right designs with the right people. With that said, Black Bear Cat Press wants to help communities heal by inspiring folks through action. 

If you have an event that you're having trouble marketing for or there isn't a decent designer around and you need a flyer, send the details to Black Bear Cat Press. We'll see if we can get your back with designs so that you can concentrate on creating a successful event, program, or proposal. 

Connect with Black Bear Cat Press through email or on the Contact page.

If you are an artist, designer, or crafter of any kind and would like to learn more about joining up on events, complete the contact form below.